“Veranda” – the small “Portico.” Art School “Veranda” is a meeting place for learning and communication. We learn to know ourselves and one another through arts. We believe that artistic practice brings people together and helps them to live an interesting, joyful and full-fledged life.

“Veranda” drawing studio in Klaipėda

· Sundays 13:00 -15:00 (Vytauto st. 38)

· For children of all ages and adults.

· Celebrations! 🙂


Do not sit at home, come to Veranda!

Why? Abilities generate abilities. The earlier we start to take care of the child’s education and pay attention to child’s socialisation – the better. Thus we lay a good foundation for the well-being of child’s entire life. Self-control, openness, ability to co-operate with others, to make plans and be persistent – these qualities of the character lead to a full-fledged and fruitful life. In the long run they become inseparable from cognitive abilities and stimulate the latter and make them efficient. Motivated children learn more. Those who know more usually take wiser decisions.

Registration by emails: (Vilnius) and (Klaipėda)