Movement/ Dance

“The body is much more than an instrument or a means; it is our expression in the world, the visible form of our intentions.” Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Dance, movement is the opportunity to live more intensely, by concentrating and contemplating embodied sensations and experiences, as well as the opportunity to open up to new and unexpected experiences.



Open level movement training. These are breathing based exercises for the spine as well as muscle stretching and strengthening exercises.
Everyone can participate. You need an outfit which does not restrict movements, footwear is not necessary. Duration – 1 hour.

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To learn dance technique is to learn dance basics, modern dance techniques, various dance styles, dance improvisation, body and voice management techniques.

Dance – the most social one of all arts. For us it is an indispensable tool for social interaction. Want to explore the possibilities of dance and performing arts? Contact us!

Dance practice is twice a week.


Movement exercises

Practical exercises of motion studies and improvisation. They are focused on listening to one’s body, individual harmony and interaction of thoughts, feelings and movements, “emergence” which happens in the act of movement, the study of principal aspects of movement, meditative introduction to contemporary dance. It is active presence in the world and participation in creative action, in which my partners are: space, sounds, things, ideas, my neighbour and community and, if I wish, the One who knows my movement even before I make it. (Psalm 139).

There exercises can take the form of seminars, or as part of a movement / dance training sessions or program of camps.

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