Dance – art of movement. Dance explicates the fact that we are alive, makes our life and being with others special, distinguishes between conscious and unconscious movement, varies our energy, develops our ordinary movements and trajectories, multiplies collisions with an other as well as ways of contact, organises a multiplicity – a group of people, makes being with others optimistic and inspiring…


We learn different dance techniques and styles in “Portico.” But our main goal is not to learn a particular already invented style of movement. We approach techniques as purified ways of movement reflecting the cultural and aesthetic challenges which they faced in their origin. These styles, we understand, comprise a heritage, which is sustained by and passed on through concrete methods and techniques. We approach these traditions with a goal to find a style, relevant to our situation and aims.


Contemporary folk dance
The style of dances we create may be called contemporary folk.

Contemporary, because

  • we strive to create dances, which would be relevant,
  • we seek that dance would contribute to the transformation of a situation faced by particular group,
  • in the creation process, we seek to draw from the contribution of contemporary science (sociology, education science, biology, philosophy and theology),
  • we want dance to be aesthetically appealing.

Folk, because

  • we want to create dance, which can be danced by everybody,
  • when creating dances, we want to be sensitive to the experiences of concrete persons and groups of people,
  • we search for as simple as possible ways of expression,
  • we want our dances to be understandable to everybody,
  • we value collective movement of a whole group and its creative potential,
  • we dream that our dances could be used in ordinary life,
  • we prefer to dance surrounded by people, in communities and streets, rather than stages (though we do not refuce to dance on stages either :)).


We agitate for “folk” means to heal the malaises of society! Dance is our proposed remedy.