The mission of NGO “Portico for Dialogues” is to create spaces for dialogue. We believe that practices of art (especially dance) create such meeting places and facilitate communities open for dialogue.

The performance is not the goal in itself. The goal is to meet people, an opportunity to listen and to get to know one other better. This applies both to the creative process itself and to the meeting with the audience.


• non-coercive way to appeal to people
• an invitation to rethink your experiences
• a provocation to question societal “norms,” which are frequently imposed and hurtful
• a search for way of life, escape or survival
• arena of freedom
• …

Dance performance “Games of Wisdom” in Kaunas, VDU, in the festival “White Ribbon” in 2015. Photo of
Dovilė Butnoriūtė:

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