Trembling feet and…

“Trembling feet and depressed steps” (2010)

Each day, sipping the mead of routine, we do not lift our heads and do not fall silent, experiencing the majesty, which breathes upon us … Our steps are like ghosts and their echo pronounces: “we are waiting for fulfilment…” We build monuments for our despair and bury our rebellion in the catacombs. Stumblingly run after the mist and then shrink our shoulders, but sometimes called by name, we prick up our ears…

Performance-walk “Trembling feet and depressed steps” – is an attempt to express in dance the mood of hope against hope. Our depressed steps – the witnesses and prophets of hope and they are a sign of hope in our trembling feet.

The performance was built from and around an actual step and consequently developed in segments – a step which was differently motivated and each time accumulating fresh colours. This solution has been chosen not only because of a name, but as an attempt to involve dancers into common creative and educating process.

Theme of steps inspired several artists (like S. Beckett, M. Graham)

Thanks for being with us in making first creative steps!

Photos of Ieva Žukauskaitė