The Wings of Embodiment

“The Wings of Embodiment” (2009)

– performance on the social routine of contemporary women, cultural norms, which consolidate and preserve the exploitation of women in our society.

The performance was created from reflection on “body.” What does it mean to live in a female body in our society? What kind of experience this is?

Women were traditionally associated with body, nature, rather than with “masculine” civilization. Using natural images the dancers tell about the flight of women to freedom.

The body is the wings of every human being. It depends on the social climate, inner and outer winds, if the the vitality of the human being human being will spread its wings and worship the Creator.

Dances from the performance: “Nest” – a dance about girls’ dreams and games, which later become the “norms” and criteria to assess her person and life. “Flight” – a dance about an attempt to fly – to overcome (inner and outer) forces which pull down – and either to fulfil or bury the possibilities, individuality and creativity. “Lilies” – a dance about the birth of patriarchal system. “Hive” – a dance about care, a ritual of guardians – inclusive, contagious and penetrating. “Marian Dance” – what kind of woman is worshiped nowadays? What is the contemporary saint? Does she fit into the radiant halo or not? “Earth” – the scene of old age. “Look at the Spirit” – a complaint of women, which dares to out-voice the set “arrangements” of nature and culture.

Choreography: Gilija Žukauskienė

Design: Jurgita Parnarauskienė