Group “Spokšok”

Dance group “Spokšok” (“Glancedance”) was formed in 2015.

What unites us – dance and believe, that through dance you can spread a message, and even more – create change or at least contribute to changes in society. For the last reason “Spokšok“ can be called an activist dance group. Since all dancers are women (sometimes we invite men to perform special roles, if we need), we are concerned about women’s issues. Therefore, our group can be called a feminist dance group – feminist ideas are at the forefront of our approach to the problems we want to speak. It is connected with our as women’s experience.

In Elisabet Ravelojaona’s photos – Dance group “Spokšok” performs “Games of Wisdom” in Bromma College (Bromma folkhögskola), in Stockholm (05 05 2019):