NGO “Portico for Dialogues” is a voluntary community of artists, thinkers and active people. Here are only some of us:

Alina Birbalaitė
Social worker
The director of “Portico for Dialogues”


Gilija Žukauskienė
dancer, actor, choreographer, teacher of theatre/dance/philosophy

Art director of NVO “Portico for Dialogues”

movement and folk art teacher in art school „Veranda“; leads movement studio and dance-group “Spokšok”, Bibliodrama workshops


Henrikas Žukauskas
actor, theologian
organizes theological and interdisciplinary seminars; leads Bibliodrama workshops










Jurgita Parnarauskienė
ceramicist, visual art teacher
leads “Veranda” Art House in Klaipėda; organizes workshops of visual arts; is a costume and production designer in our performances


Erika Abrams
leads “Veranda” drawing studio in Klaipėda


Laura Lėja Dovydaitienė
interior design student
leads art lessons in “Veranda” drawing studio in Klaipėda



Ieva Marija Žukauskaitė

music (fortepiano) teacher
leads music lessons in art school for the smallest “Veranda“


Vilija Revutienė
music (fortepiano) teacher-methodologist
leads music lessons, consults in musical education


Ieva Žukauskaitė
leads visual art workshops, creates logos

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