Liturgy of the forest

“Liturgy of the forest” (2016)

Eastern Christian tradition had an understanding that all life forms are interconnected in their diversity and actively participate in unending creation. Nature was viewed as movement, encompassing birth, protection, nurture and fading away. Death, it might appear, is an art, integral part of life. Thus life is synonymous with cooperation and synergy, not survival. This liberates from merely being focused on oneself and may encourage to struggle against economical exploitation of life through socio-ecological practices of justice.

For us forest symbolised dynamic milieu, in which best dreams of humanity flourish, and where determination for noble deeds is born. In this “green” – already present, but continuously created – forest, self-sacrificing bout, agility and force necessary for great deeds is nourished… The courage to live (and die) is revived and in it from depths of history a cry echoes: “I fear nothing, because I was born for this!” (Jeanne d’Arc)

Performance was created using some of the motives from a poem of Sofija Čiurlionienė “Green Virgin-Forest,” dedicated to her husband M. K. Čiurlionis, and to mark her 130 anniversary. This is why the music from symphonic poem of M. K. Čiurlionis “In the Forest” was used. It was adapted and remixed for the contemporary performance by sound director Algirdas Veževičius.

Choreography: Gilija Žukauskienė

Music: M. K. Čiurlionis “In the Forest“, remix of Algirdas Veževičius

Design: Eglė Dambrauskaitė

Costume design: Jurgita Parnarauskienė

Dancers: Natalija Kaminskienė, Sigita Mykolaitytė, Ieva Parnarauskaitė (Gilija Veževičiūtė), Birutė Sabatauskaitė, Daina Saulytienė, Vitalija Veževičienė, Gilija Žukauskienė

Photos of Gintautas Beržinskas: