Deborah and Jael – are in first ranks of the women whose feats were extolled in
hymns in human history. Like an ancient hymns, dance-memorial extols fighting
women as glorious and mighty bearers of salvation and prosperity, worth
remembering and following. Dramatic dance intends to be contagious – to pass on
the joy of life and the importance to fight for it. The themes of violence and creative
ways of resistance are invoked. The memorial contains and triggers creative
diversity of such responses, resists conventions and stylistic uniformity and rupture
between “form” and “content.” Its intent is to awaken contemporary debars and jails.

Choreography: Gilija Žukauskienė

Design: Jurgita Parnarauskienė

Songs: Ieva Marija Žukauskaitė

Sound director Algirdas Veževičius

K. Karamel Photo: