“Portico” school

“Portico” – the school of theology, philosophy and arts (established in Klaipėda in 2008, from 2012 is active in Vilnius).

It is a space for study of theology, philosophy and art, a space to research ideas and insights and seek for relevant “truth,” a laboratory of the wounds of the world, a space where thoughts and actions interweave and interpenetrate, a granary of tools and creative ideas, a place for meeting, dialogue and learning.

Aim – (self)liberation from what destroys or impoverishes life and the flourishing of human being and society.
Task – nurture the sense of human self-esteem (dignity? self-worth?) that one could find free and meaningful action in the world.

Who?  The activities of “Portico” are for young people and adults, who

• have time and space to reflect on different issues;

• have determination to train in the workshops of theology, philosophy and arts;

• think about their mission and/or calling;

• look for companions;

• …

How? How does the conversation between different disciplines work? How can I participate in the transformation of reality?

See, Judge, Act! The matrix of our studies and activities is inspired by three steps of theology of liberation.

“See” part looks at the personal experiences of the issue, what concerns, worries or hurts us or others. Social sciences are drawn upon to look at the issue deeper.

“Judge” part reflects on how the issue was treated by philosophers and theologians. This includes both an analysis of reasons of how the issue came about and a search of the perspectives, which might throw a different light on the issue, which gives hope and inspires a transforming action.

“Act” part seeks for concrete transformation – we reflect on how our behaviour, communal practices, way of thinking has to change in the light of previous steps. Art study and workshops in “Portico” – is an organised way to develop fresh ways of thinking and living. In them research, analysis, experiences and new possible expressions are interwoven.