About creative process

The first performance of the school of theology, philosophy and arts “Portico” was called “The Wings of Embodiment” and was created in Klaipėda with the first students (2008-2009) of the school. The students explored the experience of women using the three stages method of theology of liberation – “see, judge, act.” This is the method we follow up until now.

The creation of the performance is an investigation.

• How do I experience the issue myself?
• How is this phenomenon discussed in social sciences, philosophy, and theology? What light do these disciplines shed?
• What are the aspects of the issue which creative process itself opens?
• What is the possible solution?
• Can anything be otherwise?
• Perhaps a different approach, way of working is possible?
• What can you do for a common good?

The creative process is already a dialogue. Dialogue between the participants and at the same time dialogue between disciplines. A dialogue, which is free-moving, on-going and in act…

Performances, when created, themselves become a creative school for new dancers. Dance performances “The wings of embodiment,” “Trembling feet and depressed steps” created and performed by Klaipėda’s “Dancing group,” later were danced by the group “Mimozas” and Vilnius “Dancing group.”

In 2015 the dance group “Spokšok” was formed.

The performances or dance programs were performed at Women Crisis Centers, non-governmental organizations, universities, conferences and festivals in Lithuania and abroad.

We are open for cooperation with the organizations, which have similar goal. Write to our art director Gilija Žukauskienė: portikas@gmail.com

Photo of Ieva Budzeikaitė: